Xiaohongshu Red Chinese Marketing - Ultimate Guide for Brands

Xiaohongshu (RED) – How the Chinese are Using It

Xiaohongshu is the Chinese social media and e-commerce app sensation. With more than 200 million registered users that visit the application to purchase products and browse product reviews and tips, it is easy to see why you need to add it to your marketing strategy.
In this article, we are going to discover how the users interact with the application. Understanding user behavior will offer you a significant advantage over your competitors. You will be able to market with the Chinese perspective in time, resulting better results at reaching the Chinese audience.

User Behavior on Xiaohongshu

Here, we will take a detailed on look on how users tend to behave and interact with the various elements of Xiaohongshu. This is crucial for the success of your campaigns, so take extra care to understand your target audience,

01.  Browse

Users visit Xiaohongshu to browse any new content, to catch up to what others are posting about, to discover about new products, to learn from tutorials, and to generally pass the time.

  • These are users who like to scroll down their homepage, check any new content posted by the accounts they follow, and see what is trending
  • Xiaohongshu has an algorithm that creates automatically a homepage specifically for each user, based on the content that the user frequently views.
  • The default homepage shows the recommended content first, followed by videos. At the bottom you can find additional categories, such as beauty, fashion, skincare, etc.
  • In RED, a user can browse posts that are uploaded in a nearby location, like a nearby restaurant
  • The most popular content in Xiaohongshu tends to be more informative, rather than entertaining

02.  Search

Users have learnt to refer to Xiaohongshu to learn more about a specific product, brand, or topic. You could say that this application works like a product search engine.

  • Users tend to search specific keywords and hashtags, in order to find posts relevant to the product or brand they are interested in
  • Users trust the quality of the information given by other users on Xiaohongshu. They strongly believe that they are of higher value than that they receive through traditional search engines

03. Create Content & Interact With Other Users

Chinese people enjoy interacting with other users in Xiaohongshu. They engage with the posts of the people or brands they follow and they regularly create their own content.

  • In RED, a user can like, comment, collect, or share other user’s posts. Note: users indeed share posts, but only in other social media like Weibo and WeChat. Xiaohongshu doesn’t let the repost content within the app
  • Comments on this social media tend to be more informative than in the other platforms. This happens because people will share their experiences with the products featured in the post, ask questions about it, and reply to other people’s comments.
  • “Collects” is a crucial feature for Xiaohongshu. As a user isn’t able to repost content, he can save the post to a board of his creation. This is similar to the way Pinterest works.

04.  Shop

A special feature that makes Xiaohongshu stand out among its competitors is the ability to purchase products within the application. Users can discover products in the KOL’s posts and then purchase them from the in-App Shopping Mall.

There are users who prefer to purchase products directly on RED, while others do their research on the app and proceed with their purchase in another platform. No matter which user of the two you attract, having a strong presence on Xiaohongshu will leave a lasting impression.

Users looking for shopping in-app will:

  • Search a specific product/brand name
  • Choose their preferred categories
  • Find products from both Xiaohongshu’s self-operated shops and 3rd-party sellers
  • Purchase and pay using WeChat Pay or AliPay
  • Chat with the customer service of each shop

Popular Content Categories

The most popular categories on RED are beauty, skincare, and female fashion. However, the trends show that some categories are quickly rising. Those categories are travel, fitness, male fashion and grooming, mommy, baby, and food.

Some additional content trends:

  • Connection between Douyin and Xiaohongshu

In it interesting that the moment a product gains popularity on Douyin, the number of posts and searches for that product on Xiaohongshu also increases

  • Cross cultural relationships, traveling and tourism

There is a number of posts on Xiaohongshu that are dedicated on giving life advice to the other users. Women who have lived and traveled abroad, or they are currently living abroad, search these kind of posts to discover information about their destonations.

  • Celebrities on Xiaohongshu

Over the past year, numerous Chinese celebrities have joined Xiaohongshu, showcasing the app’s power. Read more about Xiaohongshu.

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