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We connect your business to over 1 billion WeChat users. Understanding the full functionality of WeChat and WeChat Ecosystem is essential to all the brands tapping into the tech-savvy Chinese market. From WeChat Official Account Registration to WeChat marketing, We've got you all covered. Get in touch with us today to see how we can take your new or current WeChat marketing to the next level. Inject our data and get succeeded today.


WeChat Services

Brand Strategy

We will walk you through how your brand can succeed in using WeChat in the Chinese market. Aligning with your marketing strategy, we will implement the right formula for your brand

WeChat Official Account

Leave all the paperwork to us. We will register your brand's WeChat Official Account and configure all the settings for you to get started.

Content Writing

We specialise in WeChat content marketing. Our professional content writer will produce engaging posts and articles. Start conveying the right messages to Chinese WeChat users.

WeChat Mini-Program

Develop a WeChat Mini-Program with us. WeChat Mini-Program is a sub-app within WeChat, providing the most effective sales channel- the shortest journey between the user to the product. Start providing convenient & friendly access to Chinese users

WeChat Advertising

Inject our data pack into WeChat marketing. We take your WeChat marketing to a whole new level. With advanced identification and targeting technology, we offer highly targeted Wechat advertising designed to deliver the results

WeChat Account Management

Let our bilingual customer service experts handle inbound inquiries. Highly trained professional customer service representitives will accelerate our brand's reputation and engage with WeChat users

WeChat Mini-Program

Understand the Chinese consumer decision journey. Start reaching Chinese consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. Get found on their most favourable social platform and create a seamless customer journey. Implement the right formula to boost your sales.

WeChat Mini-Program is a sub-app within WeChat, providing the most effective sales channel- the shortest journey between the user to the product. Drive traffics from organic and paid advertising to your brand’s WeChat Official Account and Mini-Program.Official Account and Mini Program enable brands to build unique marketing ecosystem in WeChat.

Get started with WeChat Mini-Program to drive sales in the conversion funnel while providing friendly design and convenient access for Chinese users.

what is wechat moment?

The Chinese translation of Moment is known as “Friend’s circle”, which creates an intimate and private communication circle within the users’ choice of close friends. 61.4% of WeChat users check Moment each time they open WeChat.

WeChat users can share any contents like pictures, videos and articles with their friends on WeChat Moment. It is a social media posting feature that is very much like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined.

Advertising on WeChat Moment help marketers drive awareness and build engagement with the potential customer.


What is WeChat Moment Advertising?

WeChat Moment Ads will appear in the form of native in-feed posts on the target audience’s WeChat Moment. WeChat moment Ad has various Ad types, and each ad format is designed to reach the target audience at a different angle depending on the objectives of the campaign.

Creatives for Ads can be an image or video. The ad copy, pictures/videos and links offer flexibility, which provides a variety of presentation formats to meet personalised creative messages and support the promotion. Get in touch with us today to unlock the full potential 

  • Brand campaign promotion
  • Official Account promotion
  • Mobile app promotion
  • WeChat Coupon Promotion
  • Local Store promotion
introducing chinese review marketing to build strong presence on Chinese social media and search engines


Increase your brand’s visibility on the popular Chinese review apps and platforms. We offer Chinese content marketing campaigns that strive to produce measurable results. 

We know how important it is to set the brand-building foundation with a remarkable storytelling content marketing. Bring your content game to all the famous Chinese review channels.

back to basics

  • Level Up Your Business
  • Increase Organic Visibility
  • SEO Optimised Content Writing
  • Get Reviews & Create Values

Eliminiate the guessing games

Chinese consumer data simplifies the marketing process, leading to better marketing decision with less work.

We specialise in one thing, growing businesses. Cut through the complexity and reach the right Chinese audience effectively. We redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight and innovation.

There's a better way to grow

We Offer Solutions To Real Problems

what Else can we do for you?

Digital Advertising

Inject data into digital marketing. Try our signature data-driven targeted digital advertising solutions. We offer unrivalled data and metrics

Website Development

The website represents your brand. Let us develop Chinese friendly website for your business. Integrate WeChat API for convenient access

Content Marketing

Boost your rankings on the Chinese social media platforms. We provide SEO content marketing that drives visibility and conversion

Targeting Travellers

Influence the soon-to-be travellers prior to the departure. Reach them while they are in your country, region or business district

Travellers SMS Promotion

Continue your influence while they are travelling. Send out SMS advertising to the Chinese travellers who are currently at your destination

Video Advertising

Increase brand awareness and capture every oppurtunities with our targed video advertising solutions covering premium video platforms

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