Pre-Travel Marketing Solutions

Marketing To Chinese Travellers Made Easy

Reach Chinese travellers prior to their departure

Reach Chinese travellers prior to their departure

Identify Chinese Travellers

Our data map identifies Chinese travellers with intent travelling to your destination

Targeted Advertising

Influence the soon-to-be Chinese travellers with our targeted advertising 

Send SMS

Send out SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers upon arrival at your destination

We Use Data To Identify & Engage with Chinese Travellers

Influence Decisions

Puzzle Asia’s marketing strategy begins prior to departure, with implementation during their planning stage. 

Take advantage of this information stage by placing your brand name throughout informative content with targeted advertising across Chinese Search, Social and OTA platforms to provide further brand awareness.

Influence the soon-to-be travellers with well-positioned multipronged advertising strategies to attract more audience and supercharge your sales. Prior to destination selection, influence their decisions with the most effective digital marketing channels!

Get in touch with us today to cleverly inject your brand’s product and services directly into their itinerary.

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Chinese Travellers targeted advertising solutions

Search, Social & OTA

Puzzle Asia’s data map can identify Chinese audience who will travel to your destination in the next 30. We use Search and Social data to identify their intents travelling to particular cities and country. We utilise China’s leading OTA platform Ctrip’s data and transaction data from UnionPay to accurately target desired Chinese audience. 

We plan and execute digital marketing campaigns for your brand using a mixture of Chinese social media platform including WeChat, Baidu, Ctrip, TikTok, Little Red Book(XiaoHongShu), Dianping, Toutiao and more depending on the audience behavioural insights and your goals. 

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers

SMS Marketing To Chinese Travellers

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers on international roaming.

Puzzle Asia can identify Chinese travellers near your business location, city and region. Our data-map identifies Chinese travellers upon their arrival. Set the desired radius from your business location to target real-time Chinese travellers.

We can reach approximately 85% of total Chinese travellers travelling to Australia.

Puzzle Asia offers SMS marketing solutions for businesses targeting Chinese travellers
How to market product and services to Chinese travellers. Find out how to attract Chinese travellers to your business

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