Marketing To Chinese Travellers

Reach Chinese Travellers In The Right Way

Chinese Tourism Marketing Solution

Reach Chinese travellers at every stage of their travel journey

Pre-Travel Stage

Influence Chinese travellers prior to their travel departure

In-Travel Stage

Reach Chinese travellers while they are travelling in your country, region, or business district

Send SMS

Send out SMS advertising to Chinese travellers who are currently at your destination

We Use Data To Identify & Engage Chinese Travellers

Our Data Map

Each Chinese digital media platform offers different touchpoints for each stage of a traveller’s journey decision. We have developed an integrated product for businesses targeting Chinese travellers.

Puzzle Asia can identify and find Chinese travellers who have the intent to travel to a destination. We can also identify Chinese travellers who made bookings to any city or country.

We have worked hand in hand with leading brands around the world, offering a direct line to customers. Disperse brand strategy, influence potential Chinese consumers with constant engagement, with a proven track record in converting diverse categories of Chinese travel shoppers.

Unlock outbound traveller spending potential in Australia and around the globe with Puzzle Asia’s unique advertising services today!

Puzzle Asia is able to identify Chinese travellers from their travel planning stage and upon their arrival
Marketing to Chinese Travellers - Chinese Tourism Australia

Influence Travellers Prior to Their Travel Departure

Pre-Travel Stage

Our marketing strategy begins prior to a traveller’s departure, with implementation during their planning stage.

Influence travellers before their departure with well-positioned advertising strategies to attract a larger audience and boost your sales. Before travellers select their destination, influence their decisions with the most effective digital marketing channels! Get in touch with us today to cleverly position your brand’s product and services directly into their itinerary.

With Puzzle Asia, you can:

Send SMS Promotional Messages to Chinese Travellers

SMS Marketing to Chinese Travellers

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers who have international roaming data.

Puzzle Asia can identify Chinese travellers near your business location, city, and region. Our data-map identifies Chinese travellers upon their arrival. You can then set the desired radius from your business location to target real-time Chinese travellers.

We can reach approximately 85% of Chinese travellers travelling to Australia.

Puzzle Asia offers SMS marketing solutions for businesses targeting Chinese travellers

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