In-Travel Marketing Solutions

Marketing To Chinese Travellers In Your City

Target Chinese
Travellers in your city

In case you missed out the opportunity to engage with the Chinese travellers in their planning stage, don’t fret as it is never too late. You can still target and advertise your business to Chinese travellers using our marketing solutions.

While on the in-travel stage, the available options to insert awareness for your brand or business is quite narrow. We have the perfect solution to this problem so that every businesses can establish a powerful connection with Chinese travellers while they are in your country, region or within business district.

Get your business’s services and products listed and found  throughout Chinese social platforms used by Chinese travellers. 

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers and capture their last minute attention.

Marketing to Chinese Travellers - Chinese Tourism Australia
Puzzle Asia offers SMS marketing solutions for businesses targeting Chinese travellers

Send SMS Promotional Messages to Chinese Travellers

SMS marketing solution

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers who have international roaming data.

Puzzle Asia can identify Chinese travellers near your business location, city, and region. Our data-map identifies Chinese travellers upon their arrival. You can then set the desired radius from your business location to target real-time Chinese travellers.

We can reach approximately 85% of Chinese travellers travelling to Australia.

Content Marketing Services To Reach Chinese Travellers

Get Found On Major Chinese Social Platforms

Increase your brand’s visibility on the popular Chinese review apps and platforms. We offer Chinese content marketing services to take you business to the next level. 

We understand Chinese consumers’ decision journey process. Offer your business’s services and products to local Chinese residents, international students and travellers with SEO optimised posts. Bring your content game to all the famous Chinese review channels.

introducing chinese review marketing to build strong presence on Chinese social media and search engines

Chinese Digital advertising solutions

Start advertising your services and products to Chinese travellers through display adverts including banners, native feeds and more. Our Chinese digital advertising solutions are designed to achieve your goal.

We utilise data from Ctrip, WeChat, UnionPay and Baidu to connect you to the right Chinese target audience. 

Reach and engage Chinese travellers who has intent visiting your city and country. Add extra data label by placing adverts to the ones who booked or purchased hotels and flight tickets only to your destination.

Get started with our highly targeted Chinese digital advertising solutions today.

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