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Send SMS Promotional Messages To Chinese Travllers

send sMS To Chinese Travellers

Send SMS promotional messages to Chinese travellers who have international roaming data.

Puzzle Asia can identify Chinese travellers near your business location, city, and region. Our data-map identifies Chinese travellers upon their arrival. You can then set the desired radius from your business location to target real-time Chinese travellers.

Target and advertise your business to Chinese travellers using our unique SMS marketing solution. Establish a powerful connection with Chinese travellers while they are in travelling in your country, region or business district.

We can reach approximately 85% of total Chinese visitors in Australia.

SMS Marketing Solutions to Chinese Traveller - Puzzle Asia

average daily SMS in numbers

Puzzle Asia's SMS marketing solutions can reach approximately 3000 Chinese travellers daily

average daily SMS in numbers

We can identify and send SMS to almost 3000 Chinese visitors daily in Australia. That’s more than 1 million Chinese visitors in a year. Request an estimate of how many Chinese travellers we can reach using SMS for your Chinese marketing campaign.

SMS marketing offers a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and conversions. Start sending out your offers to Chinese travellers within your business district!

SMS format

Chinese travellers will receive your promotional message in text and url link format. Text format includes your brand’s name and promotional message in Chinese characters. URL Link is to direct Chinese travellers to your designated landing page. 

SMS format

Puzzle Asia offers SMS marketing solutions for businesses targeting Chinese travellers

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