Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

Supercharge Your Presence on Chinese Social Media

Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

Are you reaching your business’s ideal Chinese consumers in the right way?


Select the right Chinese social media channels and strategy for your business

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Chinese Social Media Marketing

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Puzzle Asia offers a huge value proposition. Deliver proven marketing strategies directed at the right market audience. Reap the full reward in unlocking the potential of the Chinese market.

Gain direct access to this sought-after market with customised digital marketing campaigns that engage potential customers throughout the entirety of the process. Partner with our industry experts and discover the difference today.

We craft the right message for your brand and ensure your curated message reaches the right audience at the right time on the right digital platform.

Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

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Supercharge Your Presence on Chinese Social Media Platforms


Get connected with over one billion users. Build a strong online presence. Offering major functions for your business-customer service, WeChat allows you to take bookings and sell products and services.

Little Red Book

Little Red Book is Xiaohongshu in Chinese. Little Red Book is China’s number one lifestyle shopping and review-sharing platform. Collaborate with influencers to boost your presence and get found by Chinese users.

TikTok (Douyin)

TikTok, known as Douyin in China, is one of the hottest short video sharing platforms. Promote products and services with creative short videos and collaborate with KOL influencers to drive sales.


Mafengwo is the number one platform used by Chinese travellers and tourists. It is similar to Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Chinese travellers search for information about destinations, places to go once they reach their destination, reviews from other travellers, and more.

Influencers Marketing

This is known as KOL marketing in China. Leverage KOL to increase brand awareness and direct sales opportunities. KOL packages fit your budget and goals. Cost per engagement and cost per sales package options are available.

Social Media Advertising

Puzzle Asia offers programmatic advertising solutions and media buy-ins for businesses. We use transaction and intent data to identify your custom audience and place adverts on the right social media platforms.

Eliminate the guessing games

Chinese Consumer Data Simplifies the Marketing Process, Leading to a Better Marketing Decision with Less Work.

We specialise in one thing: Growing businesses. Cut through the complexity and reach the right Chinese audience effectively. We redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight, and innovation.

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Digital Advertising

Inject data into digital marketing. Try our signature data-driven targeted digital advertising solutions. We offer unrivalled data and metrics.

Website Development

The website represents your brand. Let us develop a Chinese-friendly website for your business. Integrate WeChat for a convenient user journey.

Content Marketing

Boost your rankings on Chinese social media platforms. We provide SEO content marketing that drives visibility and conversion.

Targeting Travellers

Influence soon-to-be travellers prior to their departure. Reach them while they are in your country, region, or business district.

Travellers SMS Promotion

Continue your influence while they are travelling. Send out SMS advertising to Chinese travellers who are currently at your destination.

Video Advertising

Increase brand awareness and capture every opportunity with our targeted video advertising solutions covering premium video platforms.

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