Chinese Digital Marketing Strategy

Build, grow, and scale your business

Chinese Market Research & Analysis

Define your audience and reach them on the right Chinese digital platforms at the right time

Market Research

Understand and evaluate your brand's presence and position in China. Find your niche in the market

Competitors Analysis

Gain in-depth analysis on your competitors using different metrics

Audience Identification

Identify and build the Chinese audience best fit for your brand

Understand the Chinese Market & Audience

Gain actionable insights into your target audience in China.

Understand the market, identify your target audience, measure your brand’s position in comparison to your competitors, and identify opportunities.

Gain a competitive edge in the market by assessing your brand’s position in comparison to your competitors using different metrics.

Build, grow, and scale your business

China Market Entry Strategy Guide
Chinese Market Analysis - China Market Entry Strategy Guide

Identify & Target the right chinese audience

We help brands define their custom target segments with our audience identification technology.

Identify your business’s ideal audience in-depth by demographics, geographies, consumer behaviour, psychographics, and more.

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Eliminate The Guessing Games

Is Your Brand Reaching Chinese Consumers in The Right Way?

We specialise in one thing: Growing businesses. Cut through the complexity and reach the right Chinese audience effectively. We redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight, and innovation.

There's A Better Way to Grow


Understanding your position in the Chinese market is essential. Puzzle Asia has access to 95% of Chinese internet users’ profiles. We gather real-time data from Chinese search data, Chinese social media data, transnational data, and more.

If your brand already entered China but is not performing as expected, you will need to assess and re-evaluate your marketing strategy for China. Puzzle Asia provides in-depth analysis of your brand’s presence in China based on Chinese search and social media data.

If you are planning on entering the Chinese market, a competitive analysis will provide a solid foundation of what needs to be done to succeed in China.

You will be able to identify your target audience and find your niche. Puzzle Asia then creates a complete, tailored marketing strategy for your brand’s success in China. We can implement data and insights towards your brand’s marketing campaign. We offer highly targeted advertising solutions for many industries. Our data-driven approach is proven to deliver.

We require 4-8 competitors list

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