Understand The Chinese Market & Audience

Gain actionable insights into your target audience in China. Understand the market, your target segment, measure your brand position in comparison to your competitors and identify the opportunities. We use technology and data to connect brands to the right chinese audience

What We Do

Market Research

Understand your brand's presence in China context. Evaluate your position in the Chinese market. Interpret data, develop and execute the right strategy for your success in China

Competitors analysis

In-depth competitors analysis including audience segmentation, user behaviour analysis. Evaluate & analyse competitors' position on different metrics

Audience Identification

Identify best-fit audience for brands in China. Build custom audience segments and optimize future marketing campaigns. We will find the right audience for your business

become unique

Build, grow, and scale your business. Having access to 95% of the Chinese internet users' data will boost your ROI. Start making data-driven decisions in Chinese marketing.

Gain Competitive Edge In The Market

Grasp insightful competitors’ analysis and assess your position with your competitors on different metrics

  • Understand the market and competition
  • Brand positioning & Strategy
  • Consumer behaviour analysis

Eliminiate the guessing games

Is your brand reaching Chinese consumers in the right way? 

We specialise in one thing, growing businesses. Cut through the complexity and reach the right Chinese audience effectively. We redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight and innovation.

There's a better way to grow

Audience Identification

Identify & Target the right chinese audience

We help brands to define their custom target segments with our audience identification technology. Identify your business’s ideal audience in-depth by demographics, geographies, consuming behaviour, psychographics and more. Deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

  • Mainland China
  • Greater China Region
  • Local & International Chinese Students
  • Chinese Travellers

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