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Our data-driven approach practices in Chinese display advertising provide the most cost-effective solutions for brands to succeed in China. 

Kickstart your sales with our customised audience segment and signature data-driven marketing solutions across premium advertising inventiories.  

  • targeted advertising campaign
  • Premium Mobile Social Ads
  • In-feed Ads
  • Pre-roll Video Ads
  • Tailored media mix for optimal results
Digital Display Advertising in China Solutions - Puzzle Asia
Digital Display Advertising in China Solutions - Puzzle Asia

premium mobile social advertising

Tencent GDT advertising can reach more than 800 million Chinese mobile users. Tencent GDT covers WeChat, QQ, QQ Music and more leading apps in Chian within the Tencent network. Inject our data and boost your campaign across premium mobile social inventories.

  • Biggest Chinese Mobile Ad network
  • Data-driven display advertising Management
  • Coverage of over 800 million Chinese mobile users
  • Powered by precise insights into user preferences-cross-platform social media user data

in-feed ads

Start reaching the audience in China who matters to your business. Offering targeted audience who may not be aware of your services or products.

Native mobile ad format offers premium in-feed ads placement with highly relevant context.  Start building brand awareness and drive quality traffic to your website today.

  • Perfect for brand engagement
  • Extensive yet precise user targeting
  • Reach news, content and social media apps
  • Tencent News, TouTiao, Sohu, Momo, Meiyou, Mojiweather and more
  • Drive Quality Traffics & Conversions

Pre-roll Video Ads

Inject our data pack into pre-roll short video ads. Premium inventories cover all major video sites and platforms. Increase your target audience in China with the most cost effective targeting options. 

  • Covering mainstream video sites & platforms
  • PC & Mobile
  • 15s/30s pre-roll video Ads
  • 570 million active viewers
introducing chinese review marketing to build strong presence on Chinese social media and search engines


Increase your brand’s visibility on the popular Chinese review apps and platforms. We offer Chinese content marketing campaigns that strive to produce measurable results. 

We know how important it is to set the brand-building foundation with a remarkable storytelling content marketing. Bring your content game to all the famous Chinese review channels.

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