Attract Chinese Customers To Your Cafe & Restaurants

Connecting Your Cafe To Chinese Students & Locals

Get Found by the Chinese Community

Have you ever wondered how to attract Chinese customers to your cafe?

You don’t have to wonder anymore! We’ve made it easy for you.

Let’s get your cafe business found on Chinese social media channels that the majority of Chinese students, locals, and travellers use.

We offer small business owners a winning marketing strategy to attract Chinese customers at an affordable price.

how to attract Chinese customers

How It Works


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We Register Your Business Account on Chinese Social Media



We Set Up Your Business Profile and Publish Posts on Social Media



We Position Chinese Influencers at Your Cafe And Restaurant



We Watch Your Foot Traffic and Grow Your Cafe To The Next Level

How We Do It

It’s simple. Get found!

1. Strategic Consultation

If you have an established cafe or are opening a new one, you qualify for a strategy session with our strategists to learn how we can grow your business. We can discuss these details over a coffee at your cafe or in a virtual meeting.

Many of you may have heard of WeChat. WeChat may not be the right solution for your cafe business if you are interested in increasing foot traffic. Instead, let’s unlock secrets that are proven to deliver results!

Start attracting Chinese customers to your cafe and retuarant

2. Chinese Social Account Set up & Management

We will help you set up your Chinese social media accounts for your business and create a full profile. Applying for a business account must be made directly through Chinese social media platforms.

We recommend businesses to setup Little Red Book (LRB) and WeChat. Little Red Book (LRB) is a popular Chinese social app similar to Instagram and review platforms. Users use this app to find places to go, get recommendations, and write reviews.

Our experienced Chinese social media expert will manage your account daily.

3. Make an Impact with Local Chinese Influencers

We have a large network of Chinese influencers in Australia. Chinese influencers (known as KOLs) make influential messages to followers through their social media posts and videos. We will arrange for Chinese influencers in your local area to visit your cafe and share authentic reviews.

Collaborating with Chinese influencers can boost your business’s presence on social media platforms such as Little Red Book (LRB), WeChat, and Mafengwo.

Gain authentic reviews and feedback from Chinese influencers and get found on leading Chinese social media platforms.

How to attract Chinese customers and get found on Chinese social media using Chinese kol influencer

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Why Should You Become a Puzzle Asia Client?

We have worked with many hospitality and tourism businesses. We cut all the complexities and provide professional Chinese social media strategies to increase foot traffic and sales. We help Australian small businesses market their services and products to the right Chinese consumers in the right way.
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Puzzle Asia’s account executive will get in touch with you and discuss the overall strategy depending on your business’s goal.

Your target audience will be:

  1. Local Chinese residents
  2. International Chinese students
  3. Chinese travellers

We have different strategies and solutions for your desired target audience across all industries.

Don’t hesitate to call us and say hi!

Alternatively, simply shoot us an email: info@puzzleasia.com.au

We use the following Chinese social media channels to boost your business:

  • Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)
  • WeChat
  • Mafengwo

We carefully select the right Chinese social media channel for your business. We don’t always recommend WeChat to all businesses because it does not solve all the problems.

We offer practical solutions where you can actually increase your foot-traffic and start generating sales.

For small local businesses, we recommend setting up an official WeChat official account (business) to answer inquiries and take bookings.

There are three main Chinese social media channels you should consider using to attract Chinese consumers. They are:

  • Little Red Book (XiaoHongShu)
  • WeChat
  • Mafengwo

Little Red Book

If you are operating a small business, such as a cafe, restaurant, or bar, you should be active on Little Red Book (LRB). LRB can be compared to Instagram and Google Reviews.

Little Red Book is the number one app used amongst Chinese Millennials and Generation Z, and it is predominantly used by women.

Little Red Book users share their experiences, findings, lifestyles, places, fashions, and more just like what can be found on Instagram. Little Red Book users also use the app to find reviews and feedback from others.


WeChat is known as a must-have social media channel for any business targeting Chinese consumers.

To operate WeChat, you must first understand its characteristics.

WeChat can offer endless opportunities to businesses that use it in the right way. WeChat’s platform’s characteristic is more closed and private, meaning that only friends and family you have on your WeChat friends’ list will see your posts.

You must put enormous effort and time to build your WeChat official account. For small businesses like cafes and restaurants, WeChat won’t be the first choice for marketing.

Operating a WeChat account is recommended for businesses who provide services and activities, such as tourism-related businesses, education service providers, and more.

If you are not sure whether you should be using WeChat for your business, feel free to get in touch with us at

Our professional bilingual marketing executives will handle your Chinese social media channels daily. We will post social posts, engage with followers, and reply to any comments.

Yes! Local Chinese residents and Chinese international students are very aware of Instagram and Facebook.

In fact, many of them find places to go to through Instagram. Once they find your business on Instagram, they tend to go on Little Red Book to find reviews of your business from other Chinese customers.

Puzzle Asia can help you target local Chinese residents and Chinese international students using targeted Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

For small business owners, we highly encourage using Mafengwo, a Chinese social media app. SEO-optimised posts can actually rank faster with this app than with Baidu. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you reach out to Chinese travellers.

For medium to large-scale businesses, Puzzle Asia offers marketing solutions driven by data.

We can identify and target Chinese travellers before their arrival in Australia with targeted programmatic advertising solutions.

Additionally, we can identify real-time Chinese travellers and send SMS text messages to grab their attention last-minute.

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