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Puzzle Asia is an independent online Data-Driven Chinese Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney. We provide marketing solutions and services that brands need to succeed in China. We help brands worldwide to capture growth opportunities with our ever-growing data insights, technological advantages and deep media partnerships. 

Puzzle Asia uses our industry expertise and our carefully selected in-house team to not only provide insight like this, but to show you how you can interpret data like this in a way that can bring you quality, lifetime customers.

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Data Drives Transactions

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Puzzle Asia has access to extensive Chinese consumer data set in China. Having access to 95% of total active internet users’ analysed consumer data set in China enables helping brands to reach their target Chinese consumers through precise and effective cross-channel media marketing means.

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Our Approach

At Puzzle Asia, we aim to deliver data-driven marketing in China, which can be used by agencies, marketers, and DSPs alike. Supported by context-rich audience profiles of Chinese Internet users, the solution helps marketers reach their target audiences in China based on attributes that range from demographics, geographies, online patterns and behaviors, interest, purchase intent, lifestyle and more.

Understanding marketers’ concern in metrics accuracy, we partner with independent third-party data firms to provide you with high transparency into their campaign’s viewability and ad metrics.

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Puzzle Asia access to over 95% Chinese users data set

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Our Data & Tech

At Puzzle Asia, we believe that data drives transactions. Our cutting-edge Chinese marketing solutions are driven and fuelled by data. 

We have access to over 95% Chinese online users data set and cross-verify with multiple data providers in China. Our technological advantage allows you to choose your own Chinese audience segment and send the right message across Chinese Search and Social platforms.

We run through live database to help you reach out to the right target at the real-time and at the right place.

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With our industry expertise, we carefully select the right media mix for your Chinese marketing campaign’s goals. We will plan the most effective marketing strategies and deliver with confidence.   

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Experience across different industries including tourism, luxury brands, hotel, airline, beauty, cosmetics, retails and travel products

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